Utita TS140


Utita TS140


Restoring an old machine, instead of buying a new one, might actually save up to 40% on your investment


Thanks to the technological update


Thanks to the cast-iron that becomes more stable over time

I Benefit


ld machines with heavy and sturdy structures are updated with modern technologies. Restoring an old machine, instead of buying a brand new one with the same characteristics, might actually save up to 40% on your investment.

Before starting a revision, our revamping division analyses and conducts a feasibility study on old machines in order to evaluate the efficiency of technologies which seems obsolete. As soon as the analysis has been completed we are able to evaluate if an obsolete machine can be restored and updated with modern technologies in order to increase its productivity and efficiency.

As a result, we obtain a machine updated with the latest technologies without losing the strength and the structural characteristics of the old one. A restored lathe creates the perfect balance between past and future, where newest technologies and production performances are combined together with the sturdy structures of the old machines.

Scheda Tecnica

Produttore / ManufacturerMORANDO
Modello / ModelVS 25-33
Anno / Year1972
Ø Tavola / Ø Table2.500 mm.
Ø Max. tornibile / Ø Max. turning3.300 mm.
Potenza mandrino / Spindle power58,9 Kw.
Altezza max. tornibile / Max. turning height2.400 mm.
Portata tavola / Table capacity18 Tons.
Velocità di rotazione tavola / Table rotation speed1,02 ÷ 92 Rpm.
Corsa verticale carro a RAM / Vertical carriage stroke RAM1.500 mm.
Corsa verticale carro a torretta / Vertical carriage stroke at turret760 mm.
Inclinazione carri verticali / Vertical carriage tilting35°
Peso totale / Total weight48 Tons.

Features and Accessories

Complete with:

  • no. 1 vertical ram carriage with grinding apparatus
  • no. 1 vertical ram carriage with automatic pentagonal turret
  • viewer
  • copier
  • hull

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